Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quests 1 Now For Sale Online!

As you may or may not know, I recently published my first book, QUESTS: A TIME OF TRAINING, through a print-on-demand company called Createspace. The book is available through online retailers. To order a copy or for more information you can look the book up on or visit the book's Createspacee-store page. The book is also available for Kindle or Nook.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lilac's Interview

Rebekah: Hi readers! Today I’m here with Lilac the flower fairy. Lilac works as a messenger for the people of Fairy Wood. Recently Lilac and her friends had some pretty awesome adventures starting when they set out on a quest to find a griffin’s egg for the dwarves. Lilac, tell us a little bit about life in Fairy Wood and how you and your friends care for the forest.

Lilac: Maybe you don’t know it but a fairy’s life is a very busy one unless you’re a pixie. We flower fairies spend pretty much the whole day looking out for plants. In the morning we have to open all the flowers so they can get enough sunlight and in the evening we close them again. The Lord of Light gave us the job of making sure all the plants are in good condition and when you live in a forest that’s a lot of work. Other kinds of fairies have other jobs. The sprites look out for the water ways and the gnomes look out for the animals. We still have time for fun though too. Everyone on Irowasa knows that fairies throw the best parties. If you never make it to a fairy party in your lifetime you’re totally missing out!

Rebekah: You mentioned that pixies don’t stay busy, why is that?

Lilac: If you ever met a pixie you’d understand! They never stay serious; they just flit from thing to thing. Take my friend Reuben for example. While the rest of us are busy working he flies around the woods and teases everyone he meets. He’s lots of fun at parties but the rest of the time he can be a bit annoying.

Rebekah: Tell us a little more about being a messenger. With all the work you do caring for plants what made you want to take on another job as well?

Lilac: I knew as soon as I heard that the fairy queen was looking for new messengers that it would be the perfect job for me. I’m a really fast flyer, I can remember all the little details of a message and I get to talk to a lot of people. When I’m busy carrying messages I don’t work as much with the plants but still have a love of my forest and try to help the other fairies care for it as much as I can.

Rebekah: Give us a couple examples of some interesting people you’ve met in your time as a messenger.

Lilac: Well, there were a couple rough miner dwarves this one time. Another time I met the elf king of Wilderlah and his daughter. I think the weirdest person I’ve met is this really stupid hobgoblin who likes to follow the elf princess around.

Rebekah: Well Lilac, thank you for telling us about Fairy Wood.

Lilac: You’re welcome. It was fun.

Rebekah: Readers, if you have any questions for Lilac please leave them in the comments box below. You can read about the adventures of Lilac and her friends in QUESTS: A TIME OF TRAINING.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Really Exciting News!

I know some of you may find it hard to believe that I could have time for anything but writing 50,000 words this month. It turns out I do. My Grandma asked me for a copy of Quests for Christmas, so in keeping with her wishes I've decided to make Quests: A Time of Training, the first title in the Quests series, available through a print-on-demand publishing company called Starting in December, Quests 1 will be available for sale on the Createspace E-store and Anyone who wants to may order the book from these sites. I will also post a link to my Createspace E-store page here on the blog. Readers can go to the E-store to find more information and order a copy. We're all excited about the book's publication here on Irowasa. We hope you will all join in our excitement and consider buying the book!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jericho Effect Chapter 1 Preview and October News

Okay the preview for the Jericho Effect is now live! Unfortunately, due to the character limit on it is only a preview of the 1st chapter and does not include chapter 2 which introduces the werewolf pack and the other main character, Wikeon. Still, chapter 1 introduces the lead female, Crystal, so feel free to read it and leave some feedback by clicking this link: Jericho Effect preview.

Please read and leave comments.

I'm entering a number of short story contests at the end of the year. Most of the stories are single Quests' episodes. I will post the names of any contests I place in here on the blog.

Please note that I am participating in NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) this November with the goal of writing 50,000 words by the end of the month. For this reason I won't be blogging much if at all in November. If you're interested, I'm sure there are enough other interesting posts on this site to keep you busy until I get back to blogging so feel free to explore. ;) Have a fun, spooky Halloween and watch out for werewolves!


I was really disappointed when I learned that because of the word count, the on-line preview of the Jericho Effect doesn't make it to the part where I introduce the character, Wikeon. For that reason I decided to post a couple scenes from an early draft of the book introducing you to Wikeon here on the blog. You may choose to read these scenes either before or after reading the preview. Wolfgang is the leader of the werewolf pack and Fang is his brother and second in command. When the scene opens Fang has gone into a human village to steal supplies for the pack.

Fang was gone for a long time. As the sun sank lower in the west Wolfgang paced nervously. Finally a howl went up from one of the guards, signifying Fang’s return. Wolfgang heaved a sigh of relief as he walked to meet his brother.

Most of the pack ran to greet Fang. A murmur of surprise swept through the small crowd, and as they moved away, Wolfgang saw why. Fang was in his wolf form. On his back rode a small, dark skinned, ragged human boy who looked about seven years old. The boy raised a grubby hand and pushed dirty locks of shaggy black hair off his forehead revealing warm brown eyes. His other hand rested on a leather bag draped over Fang’s shoulder. The bag was filled with stolen items.

“What’s this?” Wolfgang demanded fiercely.

“The solution to one of our problems,” Fang replied. “The humans should be a little more willing to trust their own kind. The boy will be our thief.”

“Have you lost your mind?!” Wolfgang bellowed. “Do you seriously think the humans will forgive us for stealing one of their children?”

“He’s one of those orphans who live on the street,” said Fang, flexing his shoulders.

The boy slid off his back and stood, looking frightened and hugging the bag of Fang’s loot to his chest.

“I did him a favor,” Fang continued. “He would have starved living in the alley where I found him. Believe me, no one is going to miss him. Now we won’t have to put ourselves in danger by entering the villages. We’ll send him. As long as they don’t discover he’s a thief, he should be in no danger. Besides, since he’s one of them, he’ll be able to stay longer in the settlements and bring back more supplies than any of us ever could.”

“And what have you offered him in return?”

“A home with the pack and food.”

Wolfgang turned to the rest of the pack and asked, “What do all of you think of this?”

There was a mixed response. Some cried, “We don’t want a human in our camp, take him back where you found him!”

The boy moved closer to Fang.

Others said, “It’s a great idea. We won’t have to put ourselves in danger anymore, we’ll send a human! He can make up for the wrongs of his race by working for us.”

Wolfgang faced the boy.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Wikeon,” the boy replied.

“And Wikeon, are you prepared to earn your keep?”

“Yes sir, I am,” said Wikeon.

He met Wolfgang’s eyes with a look of determination. Wolfgang had to give him some credit for this, since he was not sure he would be so brave in Wikeon’s place.

Finally Wolfgang said, “Welcome to the pack.”

The other werewolves howled their welcome, Wikeon smiled timidly, and Fang whispered to Wolfgang, “You won’t be sorry.”

“I better not be!” Wolfgang snapped.

A few days later when the pack was again camped near a human village Fang brought Wikeon to a wooded valley from which they could see the settlement.

“All right, Wikeon,” said Fang. “It’s time for you to prove your worth. We need clothes for two men, three women, and a child. We could also use some more blankets and coats since winter’s coming. Don’t even bother returning without these things. I’ll wait for you here. When you get back I’ll check to make sure you got what we need. Now get going.”

“Right,” said Wikeon trying to match Fang’s serious look. “Should I get any food?”

Fang thought for a minute then answered, “Get some bread, fruit and vegetables if you can manage it. Don’t bother with meat. We hunt for that.”

“Okay,” said Wikeon.

He turned and ran toward the village while Fang melted into the shadows of the trees. Wikeon returned a few hours later wearing a large brown coat which was several sizes too big for him and munching on a plum. Fang stepped out from behind a pine tree and demanded, “Well, did you get everything?”

Holding the plum with his teeth, Wikeon unbuttoned the coat, pulled out a canvas sack and dumped it at Fang’s feet. He also emptied the pockets of the coat, shoving a few more plums, some apples, a zucchini and a cucumber into Fang’s arms. He then flopped down on the pine needle covered ground, finished his plum and tossed the pit at the trunk of a tree. While Fang set down the fruits and vegetables and sorted through the bag, Wikeon laced his fingers behind his head and lay back staring at the clouds skidding past behind the branches overhead.

After a minute Wikeon said, “It’s all there. I got everything you asked for and a little extra. Plus I got these to help me next time.”

He sat up, reached into an inner pocket of the coat and withdrew a few trade coins which could be used as currency in any of the four human kingdoms of Irowasa. Fang raised an eyebrow.

“How did you get those?” the werewolf asked.

Wikeon shrugged and said, “Some people don’t watch their pockets carefully enough.”

Fang smiled and replied, “I think we’ll keep you.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crystal Finds Sinister Dealings in Fairy Wood (Jericho Effect scene)

Below is a scene from the middle of my YA fantasy novel, The Jericho Effect. Before you read it let me give you a little background so you understand what's happening a bit better. Crystal is an enchantress in her twenties who became involved in the activities of a werewolf pack when she fell in love with the warlock, (male witch) Wikeon who was raised by the werewolves. The pack is led by a werewolf named Wolfgang and his brother Fang. At this point in the story Crystal is in hiding with a werewolf girl named Hunet, who was thrown out of the pack when she refused to kill a human. Crystal has sworn to protect Hunet from Wolfgang's anger. Before the scene opens Crystal heard the pack howling near their hiding place and used a seeing stone to discover that the werewolves were meeting someone in an abandoned barn on the edge of the woods. Leaving Hunet behind, Crystal made her way into the forest to investigate...

The moon hung just above the highest hills when Crystal reached the werewolves’ meeting spot. The old wooden barn was just visible through the first rows of trees forming the very edge of Fairy Wood. The barn’s roof sagged dangerously low. The pack filed through the gaping hole left by the broken door. Crystal was about to follow them when a sudden gust of wind hit her back and set the leaves rustling. She turned in time to see Wikeon glide over her head and navigate his way between the trees to land a few feet in front of where she stood.

Crystal moved behind a tree trunk before he saw her but couldn’t help glancing around it to get a better look at him. Wikeon looked tired; there were deep shadowy circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. Some trouble Crystal could only guess at made his shoulders sag. Crystal pressed herself closer to the peeling bark as Wikeon turned in her direction. He bent and hid his broomstick beneath the low hanging branches of a bush then turned to face the barn. He tensed visibly as he stared at it. Careful not to make a sound, Crystal moved around the side of the tree until she could once again make out Wikeon’s face in the moonlight. Strands of limp hair clung to his sweaty forehead but they were not enough to hide the fear in his eyes. Whatever was happening in the barn, Wikeon was afraid to face it. Part of Crystal wanted to run to him, fling her arms around him and comfort him. She suppressed this feeling for she would never learn anything that way.

Wikeon sighed and squared his shoulders, steeling himself for what was to come. Then he walked into the menacing structure. With a quick glance at the woods around her to be no one was watching, Crystal dashed forward into the shadows of the ruined door. She knelt to the left of the opening and leaned forward until her ear nearly brushed the doorframe. From there she could see and hear the entire scene playing out inside the abandoned building.

The werewolf pack stood on the hard dirt floor illuminated by a single lantern hanging from a sagging rafter. Wikeon moved to stand between Wolfgang and Fang at the front of the group. The werewolf leaders were both in their human forms. At the front of the barn the man Crystal had seen in her stone sat on a stool facing the pack. His face was hidden beneath the wide hood of his black cloak. A pipe poked out from under the hood, smoke masking the already mysterious figure. The man crossed one leg over the other so that the right toe of his worn, knee high leather boots pointed at Wolfgang. Crystal noted two other men standing on either side of the stool. Both guards were armed, one with a short sword the other with a bow and quiver of arrows slung across his back.

“Well?” asked the man on the stool.

A puff of smoke billowed from his lips as he spoke.

“We’ve done as you asked,” Wikeon replied in a hollow voice.

More smoke curled out from under the hood.

“Do you have proof?”

Wolfgang gestured at Fang who dropped the remains of a silk tunic at the man’s feet. Even from her place in the doorway Crystal could tell it was covered in blood.

“And this,” added Wolfgang tossing something small to the smoker.

Holding the pipe with his teeth the man reached out and caught the object with both hands. It glistened as he raised it to the light. Crystal leaned forward a little more until she realized it was a ring.

“I will show these to my employer,” said the man. “I’m sure he will be pleased.”

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September News and October Announcements

For those of you who have Facebook accounts I've set up a group there called the Quests Fan Club. If you're interested in the series please consider joining the group.

I'd like everyone to give a big round of applause to my friend and artist, Karolyn for the wonderful work she did with the new Quests logo. It turned out great!

I will be creating on-line previews of the prologue and 1st episode of Quests and the first 2 chapters of my new Young Adult novel, The Jericho Effect in the following month. The Quests preview will be released next week on September 30. A scene from Jericho Effect will appear on the blog the following week. The preview for Jericho Effect will be released on October 28 in conjunction with Halloween since it centers on a pack of werewolves. Once created, these previews will remain available for anyone who may be interested in reading the books. I will probably set up a Facebook group for the Jericho Effect following the release of the preview so look for that in November.

Fedrick & Felnar answer your questions

This post is a response to Fedrick & Felnar's Interview from a couple months ago.

All right, everyone. Today I've brought back the goblin boy, Fedrick and the troll girl Felnar, to answer a few questions from our readers.

Colette asked: Why do you guys hate fairies so much? I think your friend Bardmaid has a different idea about them! Also, do trolls and goblins live together?

Fedrick: I'll take the first question. We hate fairies because they're stupid little trouble makers! They always find a way to ruin everything we do! Also they have these spells to keep us out of their forest, which happens to be one of the best hunting grounds on Irowasa. As if that's not enough, you can't even eat them or you get major food poisoning. They're just useless little...

Rebekah: Okay Fedrick, we get the idea! You're right though, Colette, I do have a different idea about them.

Fedrick: You probably think they're cute! That shows how much you really know about them!

Felnar: The little ones are cute!

Fedrick: Until they turn you to stone, kill you, or destroy your cave.

Rebekah: Let's move on to Colette's second question. I'll take this one. Not all goblins and trolls live together but some do. The underground city which is one of the major settings in Quests is home to both goblins and trolls. That's where Fedrick and Felnar live.

A friend on facebook asked: Question for Rebekah: how can you bear to have those two IN YOUR ROOM??

Rebekah: Well, whether I like it or not my characters are in the habit of slipping into my room at unusual times like 3 AM to tell me something important they think should go in the story. As annoying as it sometimes gets, if I kept them out my stories wouldn't be very interesting.

Question for Fedrick: how would a pet fairy be troublesome? Just let Felnar get one!

Fedrick: You're just another one of those clueless people who think fairies are cute little innocent things! What if she got a pet fairy who decided to blast a hole in her roof and let some sunlight in? Maybe you don't know that sunlight turns trolls to stone.

Question for Felnar: don't you think catching a fairy would be a very hard thing to do, especially since they live aboveground?

Felnar: I never thought about that. Maybe if I got the right fairy catching gear and snuck up to their house in the night when they were sleeping I could get one.

Fedrick: I just know she's somehow going to end up with a pet fairy. Just remember Felnar, any consequences are your own fault and don't say I didn't warn you.

Felnar: You're such a spoil-sport Fedrick. You probably still think I should just get a pet bat! Everyone in the city has pet bats!

Fedrick: Yeah, and no one has fairies. Don't you think there might be a good reason for that?

Rebekah: No fighting or I'll let in some sunlight and turn on all the lights! Well fans, I hope that answers your questions. Our next guest will be a... er... well, another friend of mine.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Contest Winners and Creature Answers

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the Name that Creature Contest! In 1st place we have Mike, who not only got all the answers right but also named the countries the creatures originated from, alternate names used for the same creature in other countries, and even a few of my sources. Show off! ;)
In 2nd place we have Adam who answered the questions correctly including the bonus ones!
In 3rd place is Wren who answered most the questions correctly and made a good effort to guess at the rest.
Congratulations winners and thanks for playing!

By the way I highly recommend Judy Allen’s Fantasy Encyclopedia to anyone interested in the genre. It’s one of my best sources for looking up fantasy creatures quickly. Also, I know I’ve read about most of these creatures in a few books and stories but I couldn’t remember all of them so I just put down the ones I could think of.

Now for the answers:

1. I live in mines. When danger is near I'll tap on the wall to warn you. What am I?

Answer: Tommy-knocker (a.k.a. Knocker, or Thumper)

From: Miners’ tales throughout the world

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerizzi

2. I'm a small elvin creature that likes to tinker with technology. I was first discovered by the British Royal Air Force in the 1920s. What am I?

Answer: Gremlin

From: Legend formed from stories of the British Air Force

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia

3. I’m a shape-shifter who loves to cause terror and trouble. I change into things you fear. What am I?

Answer: Boggart

From: British legend

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, The Boggart by Susan Cooper

4. I appear in the shape of a horse, but my hooves are backwards from those of an ordinary horse. If you get on my back I will carry you to the nearest source of water and attempt to drown you. What am I?

Answer: Kelpie (or Water Horse)

From: Scottish Mythology

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, Water by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickenson, a children’s version of the Water Horse story whose name I’ve sadly forgotten

5. I live in marshes. You can only see me as a mysterious floating light. If you follow me I will lead you far into the marsh and leave you stranded there. What am I?

Answer: Jack O’ Lantern or Will O’ The Wisp

From: British legend

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, Jack O’Lantern by Patricia A. McKillip (contained in the anthology, Firebirds Rising)

6. I can breathe fire I have the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. I brought death and destruction for years before battling a Greek hero. What am I?

Answer: Chimera

From: Greek Mythology

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, various books on Greek myths and legends

7. I'm a man-like creature made out of mud or clay. I can only be brought to life by spells. I work as a servant, always doing as I am told and never moving unless I am given instructions. I usually work for sorcerers. What am I?

Answer: A golem

From: Hebrew Mythology

Sources: Fantasy Encyclopedia, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Bonus questions:

1. I live in the Alps. Icicles hang from my hair and beard. I prefer cold weather and hibernate in the summer. My favorite form of entertainment is surfing on avalanches, though I will whistle to warn you of their danger. What am I?

Answer: Barbegazi

From: Legends in the Alps

Source: Fantasy Encyclopedia

2. I have wild green hair and blue skin. I hibernate in the winter and am at my most mischievous in the spring. I let out whistles to confuse humans. To escape me you must put your clothes on backwards. What am I?

Answer: Leshie

From: Russian Folklore

Source: Fantasy Encyclopedia

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last call for creature naming contest!

Just a reminder, the Name That Creature Contest! is still going on. The contest will end September 2nd, so if you haven't yet, be sure to test your knowledge of mythical creatures soon.

Also check out some of the other posts such as Fedrick & Felnar's Interview. Fedrick and Felnar will be coming back on the blog to answer reader questions soon.

A scene from episode 1 of Quests, which won a contest in 2008, is also posted as: Beginning of a Rivalry.

Feel free to read and comment to your heart's content!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beginning of a Rivalry

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite scenes from episode 1 of Quests which won the 2008 National Writers Association scholarship contest. In this scene the elvin princess, Beritta is asked by her teachers, the elders, to practice her fighting skills with a lower ranking elf named Oakley. Beritta is none to pleased thinking she will easily beat him. This is scene is the resulting skirmish.

Don't forget the Name That Creature Contest! is still going on. Also please check out Fedrick & Felnar's Interview so that we can do a question and answer session with them in the following weeks.

Now the story:

Beritta made a disgusted face as Oakley moved to stand beside her. As one of the highest of High Elves, she was expected to be an expert warrior, since she would some day lead other elves in battle. Turning her back on Oakley, Beritta followed one of the elders until they were out of Oakley’s earshot.

“Excuse me,” she said tugging on the elder’s robe. When he turned to face her she continued, “I think there’s been a mistake. You see the elf you partnered me with is a Wood Elf.”

“It’s not a mistake,” the elder replied. “I’d like you to work with Oakley.”

“But you know I’m one of the best fighters in the city,” Beritta argued. “I’ll beat him in no time and it won’t even be a challenge! You should find me a different partner, one who will put up a good fight.”

“I will not cater to your pride, princess,” said the elder. “If he is below your level you can help him improve.”

So Beritta grudgingly returned to Oakley, secretly vowing to go easy on him. She sized up his skinny body with an inward sigh. This would be far too easy.

“We’ll start with swords,” Beritta announced with a toss of her long hair.

Oakley nodded and picked a thin curved sword from the pile of weapons the elders provided. Beritta rummaged through this pile for a minute until she found her favorite practice sword. It was curved, like Oakley’s but with a small blade a few inches longer than her forearm. She swung it through the air experimentally, enjoying the whistling sound this made. Oakley stretched and sliced the air in front of him before moving into a ready position with his blade pointed straight in front of him. Beritta also took a ready stance.

Once all the pairs stood ready, an elder signaled them to begin. Beritta swung her sword forward but Oakley moved at the same moment, blocking her attack. The blades met with a metallic ring, sending up a shower of silver sparks like pixie dust. They pulled back and circled each other until Oakley jumped forward, forcing Beritta to block his blow. Beritta retaliated with a series of stabbing motions which Oakley parried, swinging his sword from side to side in a quick motion and starting the fight in earnest.

They wove in to deal blows and out to avoid the other’s weapon. Their movements were quick and graceful like a dance. Beritta loved the feel of the smooth motions and the fire in her blood which made her powerful. Usually she was faster and stronger than any elf she skirmished, but that day she found her opponent’s skill greater than she expected. Oakley was just as good as she was, moving his sword smoothly through the air in time with her.

As Oakley forced her to yield ground through a fierce attack, Beritta took back on her promise to go easy on him. With a two handed sweep of her sword, Beritta chopped at Oakley’s legs. He jumped back, giving her the space she needed to push herself into an offensive leap. Yelling, Beritta extended her sword, intending to smash the flat down on Oakley’s head, ending the fight. Positioning himself in a crouch, Oakley sliced upward using the force of Beritta’s leap to send her flying backward. Beritta felt the wind knocked out of her as she hit the ground and slid, raising a cloud of dust and pine needles.

By this time most of the other pairs stopped sparing and gathered to watch Beritta and Oakley. Beritta got to her feet and rubbed her sore scratched back. She glared at Oakley who held his sword in front of him with a calm air. With a shout Beritta charged. As she neared him, Oakley swung out his sword, slapping Beritta’s hand with the flat of the blade then swinging it beneath her weapon, disarming her. It was a complicated move only the best swordsmen knew. Beritta stared at Oakley, red faced and humiliated. She, Beritta, princess of elves had been beaten by a Wood Elf.

An elder standing nearby raised an eyebrow then clapped. Beritta and Oakley both turned in surprise. A mighty cheer went up from the watching elf children.

Exasperated, Beritta faced Oakley again and yelled, “All right, I admit it, you’re better than I am! I QUIT!”

She stormed off leaving Oakley confused and partnerless.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Name That Creature Contest!

I'm pleased to present the blog's first contest! This contest is called 'name that creature'. The object is to see how many of the mythical creatures listed below you can name correctly. There's just one little detail you should note before you play. These are unusual mythical creatures, not the ones you always hear about like dragons, unicorns and fairies.

Here are the rules: read my descriptions then copy and paste the ones you know to an e-mail and fill in the answers. Once you have as many answers as you know, send the e-mail to The person who fills in the most answers correctly wins. I will also give second and third place prizes to people who have the second and third amount of correct answers. Winners will recieve an e-mail asking for a mailing address so I can send them the prizes.

Prizes: That's what really gets your attention right? 1st place winner will get to sample the first 4 episodes of my Middle Grade fantasy novel, Quests, (I will attact the episodes to an e-mail) in addition to receiving a 'trading card' of Princess Beritta, (see the Meet Beritta and Beritta Answers Your Questions posts for more information about this character) a Quests 'logo' t-shirt and a $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble . 2nd place winner will receive a Quests logo t-shirt, a trading card, and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card. 3rd place will receive a Quests logo tee-shirt and a trading card. Anyone who can answer the bonus questions will win a free t-shirt. The contest will run through August. Winners will be announced here on the blog. Prizes will come by mail after this period. Be sure to invite your friends to join the fun. The more competition the better! ;) Also you might want to study up on mythical creatures. Some of these are pretty hard.
Name That Creature!

1. I live in mines. When danger is near I'll tap on the wall to warn you. What am I?

2. I'm a small elvin creature that likes to tinker with technology. I was first discovered by the British Royal Air Force in the 1920s. What am I? 3. I’m a shape-shifter who loves to cause terror and trouble. I change into things you fear. What am I?

4. I appear in the shape of a horse, but my hooves are backwards from those of an ordinary horse. If you get on my back I will carry you to the nearest sorce of water and attempt to drown you. What am I?

5. I live in marshes. You can only see me as a mysterious floating light. If you follow me I will lead you far into the marsh and leave you stranded there. What am I?

6. I can breathe fire I have the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. I brought death and destruction for years before battling a Greek hero. What am I? 7. I'm a man-like creature made out of mud or clay. I can only be brought to life by spells. I work as a servant, always doing as I am told and never moving unless I am given instructions. I usually work for sorcerers. What am I?

Bonus questions:

1. I live in the Alps. Icicles hang from my hair and beard. I prefer cold weather and hibernate in the summer. My favorite form of entertainment is surfing on avalanches, though I will whistle to warn you of their danger. What am I?

2. I have wild green hair and blue skin. I hibernate in the winter and am at my most mischievous in the spring. I let out whistles to confuse humans. To escape me you must put your clothes on backwards. What am I?

Monday, June 29, 2009


Coming Soon! The 'Name That Creature' contest. Test your knowledge of mythical creatures and enter for a chance to win awesome prizes. Rules and prizes will be announced with a later post, so be sure to check back in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fedrick & Felnar's Interview

Rebekah: Today we get a special treat. Two Dark creatures from an underground city beneath Emerald Mountains have agreed to do a double interview. Let me introduce Fedrick the goblin and Felnar the troll.

Fedrick & Felnar: Hi!

Rebekah: Fedrick and Felnar are best friends who appear in the series, Quests. They play a very important role in the story; introducing us to the main plot line. So tell us, what's it like living in an underground city?

Fedrick: It's nice underground. You know, cool and dark. You don't have the ugly sun blazing in your eyes and making you blind.

Felnar: Yeah, I hate the sun. It turns trolls to stone. I'm glad you're window's really small, though, so the sun can't touch me in this room. Hey, could you turn off that light? Fedrick's right, it hurts my eyes!

Rebekah: Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I forgot how much light bugs you.

Fedrick: That's better. I don't know how you can stand that!

Rebekah: So tell us a bit more about living in the underground city.

Felnar: It's really fun to explore. There are all this twisting tunnels that go deeper and deeper into the mountain. I met Fedrick one time when I was exploring.

Fedrick: She almost ran into me because she wasn't watching where she was going!

Felnar: Well I don't need to watch everything closely when I'm not hunting.

Rebekah: Okay, moving on. What are some hardships you face living underground?

Fedrick: Uninvited guests wandering into our tunnels. We had a humaviper (half snake monster) get lost in our city a little while ago. That was a disaster! Plus the dwarves keep trying to mine in the mountains. Every time they start digging they knock down a goblin city. I wish every dwarf in the world would just drop dead! The last time we attacked the dwarves the fairies got involved and ruined everything by...

Rebekah: Don't say too much about that. We want these people to read the book someday!

Fedrick: Just let me give them a little warning. Listen up everyone! Don't let the fairies fool you with their sweet looks, their pretty little wings and their pixie-dust. They're really nothing but meddling troublemakers! They just want to sneak into your life and mess everything up. That goes for other creature of Light as well.

Felnar: Yeah, like that stupid, quick little gnome. I really want to squash that gnome with my claws! Oh, but Fedrick, please don't kill all the fairies. You know I still want a pet one!

Fedrick: Will you stop whining about getting a pet fairy? I'm telling you, the thing will be more trouble than it's worth!

Rebekah: On that note I think we'll wrap up. Felnar, please don't scratch Fedrick! If you have to fight, wait until you get home. I really don't want you two to trash my room. Have a safe trip down the tunnel. Fans, if you have questions for Fedrick or Felnar please leave them in the comments box. We'll get them back in about a month to answer your questions, Lord help us!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beritta Answers Your Questions

We had a couple people leave questions for Beritta a few weeks ago. Today Beritta has returned to answer these questions.

J-dawg asked:
How is playing pranks on people putting your talent to good use?

Beritta's Answer:
I just play pranks to pass the time. Most the time the elders have my friends and I running errands so we don't really use many of our abilities. I create pranks which help me practice old tricks and keep my senses sharp by thinking of new things to do with my talents.

Wren asked:
Beritta, have you ever thought of secretly disobeying the elders and doing good things with your talents? Starting some sort of young elf secret organization that's rebelling against the elders?

Beritta's Answer:
Well of course I've thought of it! I can see you've never trained under the elders or you wouldn't bother asking that! In their classes the elders push you so hard to learn all the basics and find your abilities. Then you get to what they call 'a higher level of training' and they have you doing nothing but errands for months. After a while every elf begins to wonder what the point is and why we ever listened to them in the first place. Some of us just do more about it than others.

Thanks for the questions readers! Feel free to continue this discussion in the comments box.
If you have other questions for Beritta please continue leaving them in the comments boxes of this post or the "Meet Beritta" post.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Song of Nomenie

There is a legend on Irowasa which tells how the stars came to be in the sky. According to this legend a young fire spirit named Nomenie wondered the world, taking pity on those who lost their way in the darkness of the night. Nomenie is said to have taken to the sky where she became a guiding light for all travelers. Many fire spirits followed her example, filling the sky with the lights we now call stars. Nomenie herself became Irowasa's northern star. Children all over Irowasa know this story in much the same way children in our world know fairy tales. There is even an old folksong for the star, Nomenie. So, without further ado I give you the song of Nomenie!

The Song of Nomenie
There is Nomenie, the northern star.
She knows the secrets of the night
and can lead you on a safe path, even on a moonless night,
to the harbor of dawn's rays, out of darkness into light!
So I'll follow where she leads.
A fixed star shines true and can never go astray!

Just a side note, if you have any more questions for Beritta please scroll down and leave them in the comments of the 'Meet Beritta' post. Beritta will be coming back on the blog in a few weeks to answer questions from fans.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warning: Beware of Crossroads

Someday I would like you all to walk with me on Irowasa but before that day comes I have to warn you about crossroads. The crossroads can be dangerous places where souls become trapped if people take too long deciding which branch of road they should travel.

Just the other day I came to a crossroads in one of my many journeys across Irowasa. Four roads branched out in front of me. From the road on the far left a beautiful haunting melody floated to my ears. I saw that the road in that direction slipped smoothly into a patch of woods. I headed down that fork. Hearing the music again I thought it must be made by elves and wondered if I would meet them. A little further on the road became rough.

Still, the music called me, so I stepped around the potholes filled with multicolored stinking slime and continued on my way. Then I came to a place where the road was overgrown with small thorny trees. Here I paused, but only for a moment. The music was stronger than ever and seemed to be coming from the other side of the tangled branches. I pushed my way through the tangled mass and would have continued if a group of fairies hadn't flown up and cried, "Turn back! You are following the call of a winged siren. Turn back before she leads you to your death!"

Just then I noticed a pile of bones and beyond them a feathery mass. I turned and crashed into the thorny mass even as the siren reached for me with her hooked black talons. I tore my way through the brambles which snatched at my clothes and scratched my skin. Once I broke free of the thorns I covered my ears so that the siren's song would no longer enchant me. I ran until I reached the crossroads once more. The time has come to choose a new road to travel. I will be more careful in my choosing from now on but I must not linger too long at a crossroads lest my soul become trapped by my indecision. Such is the dangerous nature of the crossroads.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Beritta

Rebekah: "Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce Beritta, the elf princess of Wilderlah. Beritta lives in the elves' capital city which is located on the hills between the Emerald and Saphire lakes. Beritta, please tell us a little bit about what it's like being an elvish princess and living in the lake city."

Beritta: "Well, there's always lots to see in the city. Through our help the land around the lakes is one of the most beautiful places on Irowasa. The real trick is finding things to do on the days when nothing exciting seems to be happening. My friend Lasa and I went swimming in the Saphire lake yesterday and sometimes I think of ways to make things... interesting."

Rebekah: "You mean like the pranks you played on the other elves?"

Beritta: "Well what would you have done? The elders make it seem like they expect so much of me, but when they're supposed to be sending me and Lasa on dangerous quests they make us run errands instead!"

Rebekah: "Since you brought them up, tell us a little bit about the elders."

Beritta: "What do you want to know about them? They're the oldest members of the city, which supposedly makes them the wisest. They hold classes every so often to teach young elves how to use their abilities right and work with nature. I used to go to their classes with my friends but then the ability tests the elders hold every few years proved I was ready to put my skills to use. The only problem is th at the elders won't let me use my abilities for anything worthwhile!"

Rebekah: "Did you ever consider that maybe they're still testing you?"

Beritta: "Of course I thought of it! But if that's really what they're doing they're wasting their time. I could do so much more for elves and other creatures of Light if only they'd give me the chance!"

Rebekah: "Do you know that the elders think you're reckless?"

Beritta: "If wanting to put my abilities to better use is recklessness, then fine, I'm reckless."

Rebekah: "You're quite the rebel."

Beritta: "I wish you'd stop saying things like that."

Rebekah: "Sorry. Is there anything else you'd like to say?"

Beritta: "I just want to say that no one should be jealous of me because I'm a princess. Being a princess is really HARD! Everyone expects so much from you. Also, don't let anyone, especially grown-ups hold you back."

Rebekah: "And on that note I think we'll wrap up here. See you all next time!"

I'd really like it if I could have my fans talk to the characters. If you have a question you'd like to ask Beritta, please leave it in the comments box below. In about a month or so I'll take a few of the questions and use them to create a fan interview.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April news update

First off, sorry for the delay. I've been somewhat busy these past few weeks. From now on I will try update this blog every other Wednesday, so stay tuned. In the meantime I have a few announcements.

I'd like to thank those who read the preview and gave me feedback and/or helped with edits. I would also like to thank the folks on Createspace for allowing me to use their preview feature. I like to hear from my readers, so this is a really great tool.

Check out an interview on writing with Rebekah Prudhomme at

Coming soon: Beritta, the elf princess from the kingdom of Wilderlah, has agreed to make an appearance on this blog! She should be coming this Wednesday, so check back after that to see what she has to say.

What would you like to see happen on this blog? I'm always open to feedback from fans, so please use the comments link below to share your own ideas for exiting new posts and activities.

That's all for today. Please remember to check back after Wednesday for a fun new post.

May the Lord of Light bless you on your own quests and in your life!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quests 1 Preview

It's here folks, the preview for Quest 1. Click the link to view the preview, and please consider leaving some feedback for me on Createspace. Then come back to the blog and tell other readers what you thought.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Glibbin's interview; the preview kick-off

Rebekah: "Hello readers. I'm here with Glibbin the hobgoblin from Quests to kick off our first preview."

Glibbin:"Hi, people!"

Rebekah:"Glibbin is the only Quests character available on short notice."

Glibbin:"Hey, Miss Writer person?"

Rebekah:"Yes, Glibbin?"

Glibbin:"My name's really Glb-Glb-Glbin."

Rebekah:"I know, but you're the only one who can pronounce that, so we're just going to call you Glibbin, okay?"


Rebekah:"Glibbin plays an important part in Quests. Tell us about your part in the story Glibbin."

Glibbin;" I met this elf who fell out of the sky. Then no one would play with me even the little animal with the big furry tail."

Rebekah:"Isn't that a squirrel?"

Glibbin:"I don't know! Then a the end of the book I met Bubble who can change into anything he wants. He's my new best friend."

Rebekah:"In short Glibbin is the comic relief in Quests."

Glibbin:"What? I am?"

Rebekah"Glibbin and I want to let you know that we'll be posting a preview for A Time of Training, book 1 in the Quests series, as soon as we get a little feedback on this blog from our readers."

Glibbin:"I can't wait for the preview! I've been so excited since you told me about it!"

Rebekah"Glibbin, I just told you about it an hour ago."

Glibbin:"You did? It seemed longer."

Rebekah:"Just so you know what to expect, I'll give you a little taste of what will be in the preview. I'll post a brief overview of the book with tiny snippets of story in throughout. Here's an example:"

The story begins when the Lords of Light and Darkness send new servants into Irowasa:

As instructed, Fate threaded the loom and wove the first threads together. It was as if her fingers had a mind of their own. First some dark colors…

In the back of her mind Fate heard the Lord of Darkness summon some of his servants. His voice boomed over them as he commanded, “Go and keep my power strong. If you are destructive enough you can make my power even stronger!”

Then he sent them into Irowasa like a thunderstorm. They went to live in the deep places of the earth where no light reached. These places were cold like their hearts and the heart of their master. Fate watched their coming on her loom. Now for some brighter colors…

The Lord of Light summoned His servants. He called forward the chosen ones in a soft voice that was no more than a whisper, speaking their secret names which only He knew. Then He blessed them and sent them into Irowasa. They entered the world like the coming of dawn, soft points of Light breaking on the world. They were sent to different places; shining lakes whose waters rippled softly in a breeze, a tangled forest stretching down from bright green mountains which shone like jewels, and a wooden farmhouse near a foamy river. All these designs Fate wove separately yet through them she got a glimpse of a bigger pattern. So began the servants’ quests, and also their stories.

Rebekah:"That's all for now. Glibbin and I hope to see you here on Irowasa again soon for the preview."

Glibbin"I can't wait! This is so exciting. I want to know more about the book!"

Rebekah"Uh... Glibbin, you're in the book. Oh yeah. I forgot. See you later folks!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've been informed that Quest is no longer competing in the Amazon contest. I wish all the quarterfinalist well, but my Irowasan friends tell me it's time for some re-writes. Most of Irowasa's inhabitance have chosen to support the ABNA quarterfinalists. If the readers of this blog like good fiction I recommend they check out and choose your favorite excerpts there. As for all of us here in Irowasa, we'll be busy reshaping our destinies by completing our quest of revising a story-line.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Irowasa

Hello friends and blog readers, and welcome to Irowasa, a fantasy world ruled by the Lord of Light and battled for by the Lord of Darkness and his servants. I, Rebekah Prudhomme, have been chosen by the inhabitance of this world to relate their stories to those who are willing to listen. I have worked with the servants of Light and Darkness to compile a few of their stories into a novel we've chosen to call QUESTS: A Time of Training. The first episode in this book won the National Writers Association Scholarship in 2008. At the request of my Irowasan friends I entered Quests in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) and I'm hoping to hear announcements on the quarterfinals sometime this week. I will use this blog to post updates on Quests and other Irowasan stories and perhaps to occasionally tell a short tale or two. Feel free to return, but be sure not to offend any of my Irowasan friends. Some of them have very long life spans and can hold a grudge for centuries! Make friends here, not enemies, but beware those who would lead you down the Dark paths...