Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Name That Creature Contest!

I'm pleased to present the blog's first contest! This contest is called 'name that creature'. The object is to see how many of the mythical creatures listed below you can name correctly. There's just one little detail you should note before you play. These are unusual mythical creatures, not the ones you always hear about like dragons, unicorns and fairies.

Here are the rules: read my descriptions then copy and paste the ones you know to an e-mail and fill in the answers. Once you have as many answers as you know, send the e-mail to The person who fills in the most answers correctly wins. I will also give second and third place prizes to people who have the second and third amount of correct answers. Winners will recieve an e-mail asking for a mailing address so I can send them the prizes.

Prizes: That's what really gets your attention right? 1st place winner will get to sample the first 4 episodes of my Middle Grade fantasy novel, Quests, (I will attact the episodes to an e-mail) in addition to receiving a 'trading card' of Princess Beritta, (see the Meet Beritta and Beritta Answers Your Questions posts for more information about this character) a Quests 'logo' t-shirt and a $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble . 2nd place winner will receive a Quests logo t-shirt, a trading card, and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card. 3rd place will receive a Quests logo tee-shirt and a trading card. Anyone who can answer the bonus questions will win a free t-shirt. The contest will run through August. Winners will be announced here on the blog. Prizes will come by mail after this period. Be sure to invite your friends to join the fun. The more competition the better! ;) Also you might want to study up on mythical creatures. Some of these are pretty hard.
Name That Creature!

1. I live in mines. When danger is near I'll tap on the wall to warn you. What am I?

2. I'm a small elvin creature that likes to tinker with technology. I was first discovered by the British Royal Air Force in the 1920s. What am I? 3. I’m a shape-shifter who loves to cause terror and trouble. I change into things you fear. What am I?

4. I appear in the shape of a horse, but my hooves are backwards from those of an ordinary horse. If you get on my back I will carry you to the nearest sorce of water and attempt to drown you. What am I?

5. I live in marshes. You can only see me as a mysterious floating light. If you follow me I will lead you far into the marsh and leave you stranded there. What am I?

6. I can breathe fire I have the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. I brought death and destruction for years before battling a Greek hero. What am I? 7. I'm a man-like creature made out of mud or clay. I can only be brought to life by spells. I work as a servant, always doing as I am told and never moving unless I am given instructions. I usually work for sorcerers. What am I?

Bonus questions:

1. I live in the Alps. Icicles hang from my hair and beard. I prefer cold weather and hibernate in the summer. My favorite form of entertainment is surfing on avalanches, though I will whistle to warn you of their danger. What am I?

2. I have wild green hair and blue skin. I hibernate in the winter and am at my most mischievous in the spring. I let out whistles to confuse humans. To escape me you must put your clothes on backwards. What am I?

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  1. Ahh! I see a gret need for research here, because I'm only certain about, well, one of those actually. Guesses on a few more, and nearly all sound at least vaguely familiar. (if there weren't prizes at stake I'd just answer "dragon" to all of them)