Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review of the 2010 Writing Year

This has been a really amazing and productive writing year! I'm proud to announce that by completing Magic War in November I have finished at least first drafts of my original fantasy ideas from 2006. For this reason I decided to post a quick review of my projects from this year so you can see what I'm talking about.

Here goes:

ABNA 2010:

There was a rumbling and the ground shook from the strength of their voices. She stopped yelling and opened her eyes as the walls of the Black Castle split and crashed into the waters of the lake. From The Jericho Effect quarterfinalist for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Silver Sword Saga:

The blessed metal now formed a human sized broadsword of pure silver. Balamus smiled for he knew that this weapon would be the most effective and deadly in all Irowasa. From Forging.

With an effort, Silvanus pulled the sword out of the table and examined it with gleaming blue eyes. This sword would make the Rovin clan invincible. From The First Unworthy.

A smile crossed Norin’s face and he lifted the Silver Sword to salute with it.
“Thank you. I will make sure it serves its purpose well.”
From Swan Warrior: Part 1.

"I know you care about what happens to the clans. You could put an end to the soldiers’ raids.” From Swan Warrior: Part 2.

“Rovinien and Sardi want us both dead.” Tayad turned to grin at Norin as he added, “Unfortunately for them we met before they could kill one of us.” From Swan Warrior: Part 3.

"The gypsy said that the emperor of Sardi is offering a huge reward for the capture of the warrior with the sword of white fire, which I know is what the slavers call you." From Swan Warrior: Part 4.

“Look!” said Elena. She leaned closer to Norin and pointed to a magnificent bird with feathers the color of coal. “It is your sign. The Lord of Light has blessed you.” From Swan Warrior: Part 5.

A sudden anger filled Weston, fueling his actions. He turned, grabbed the Silver Sword off its stand and flung it through the gap at the fairy queen. From Fairy Vault.

Elmonrona gasped as she realized that this was the Silver Sword she had heard about in legends. The sword itself proved her to be the right person for the job for it was a weapon of justice and it had chosen to help her fight Drazil. From Riddle of the Stones.

National Novel Writng Month 2010

As members of this diverse army the Warriors of Light now marched into battle against the Dark Magicians. From Magic War, NaNoWriMo project 2010.

So what's in store for Irowasa in 2011? Stay tuned for updates!