Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lilac's Interview

Rebekah: Hi readers! Today I’m here with Lilac the flower fairy. Lilac works as a messenger for the people of Fairy Wood. Recently Lilac and her friends had some pretty awesome adventures starting when they set out on a quest to find a griffin’s egg for the dwarves. Lilac, tell us a little bit about life in Fairy Wood and how you and your friends care for the forest.

Lilac: Maybe you don’t know it but a fairy’s life is a very busy one unless you’re a pixie. We flower fairies spend pretty much the whole day looking out for plants. In the morning we have to open all the flowers so they can get enough sunlight and in the evening we close them again. The Lord of Light gave us the job of making sure all the plants are in good condition and when you live in a forest that’s a lot of work. Other kinds of fairies have other jobs. The sprites look out for the water ways and the gnomes look out for the animals. We still have time for fun though too. Everyone on Irowasa knows that fairies throw the best parties. If you never make it to a fairy party in your lifetime you’re totally missing out!

Rebekah: You mentioned that pixies don’t stay busy, why is that?

Lilac: If you ever met a pixie you’d understand! They never stay serious; they just flit from thing to thing. Take my friend Reuben for example. While the rest of us are busy working he flies around the woods and teases everyone he meets. He’s lots of fun at parties but the rest of the time he can be a bit annoying.

Rebekah: Tell us a little more about being a messenger. With all the work you do caring for plants what made you want to take on another job as well?

Lilac: I knew as soon as I heard that the fairy queen was looking for new messengers that it would be the perfect job for me. I’m a really fast flyer, I can remember all the little details of a message and I get to talk to a lot of people. When I’m busy carrying messages I don’t work as much with the plants but still have a love of my forest and try to help the other fairies care for it as much as I can.

Rebekah: Give us a couple examples of some interesting people you’ve met in your time as a messenger.

Lilac: Well, there were a couple rough miner dwarves this one time. Another time I met the elf king of Wilderlah and his daughter. I think the weirdest person I’ve met is this really stupid hobgoblin who likes to follow the elf princess around.

Rebekah: Well Lilac, thank you for telling us about Fairy Wood.

Lilac: You’re welcome. It was fun.

Rebekah: Readers, if you have any questions for Lilac please leave them in the comments box below. You can read about the adventures of Lilac and her friends in QUESTS: A TIME OF TRAINING.


  1. Lilac. Other than being a messenger, don't you find that life as a fairy gets REALLY boring?? Or, do fairies not get bored? Or, are your fairy parties just that much fun?

  2. Are all pixies like Rueben, or are some a little helpful?