Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fedrick & Felnar answer your questions

This post is a response to Fedrick & Felnar's Interview from a couple months ago.

All right, everyone. Today I've brought back the goblin boy, Fedrick and the troll girl Felnar, to answer a few questions from our readers.

Colette asked: Why do you guys hate fairies so much? I think your friend Bardmaid has a different idea about them! Also, do trolls and goblins live together?

Fedrick: I'll take the first question. We hate fairies because they're stupid little trouble makers! They always find a way to ruin everything we do! Also they have these spells to keep us out of their forest, which happens to be one of the best hunting grounds on Irowasa. As if that's not enough, you can't even eat them or you get major food poisoning. They're just useless little...

Rebekah: Okay Fedrick, we get the idea! You're right though, Colette, I do have a different idea about them.

Fedrick: You probably think they're cute! That shows how much you really know about them!

Felnar: The little ones are cute!

Fedrick: Until they turn you to stone, kill you, or destroy your cave.

Rebekah: Let's move on to Colette's second question. I'll take this one. Not all goblins and trolls live together but some do. The underground city which is one of the major settings in Quests is home to both goblins and trolls. That's where Fedrick and Felnar live.

A friend on facebook asked: Question for Rebekah: how can you bear to have those two IN YOUR ROOM??

Rebekah: Well, whether I like it or not my characters are in the habit of slipping into my room at unusual times like 3 AM to tell me something important they think should go in the story. As annoying as it sometimes gets, if I kept them out my stories wouldn't be very interesting.

Question for Fedrick: how would a pet fairy be troublesome? Just let Felnar get one!

Fedrick: You're just another one of those clueless people who think fairies are cute little innocent things! What if she got a pet fairy who decided to blast a hole in her roof and let some sunlight in? Maybe you don't know that sunlight turns trolls to stone.

Question for Felnar: don't you think catching a fairy would be a very hard thing to do, especially since they live aboveground?

Felnar: I never thought about that. Maybe if I got the right fairy catching gear and snuck up to their house in the night when they were sleeping I could get one.

Fedrick: I just know she's somehow going to end up with a pet fairy. Just remember Felnar, any consequences are your own fault and don't say I didn't warn you.

Felnar: You're such a spoil-sport Fedrick. You probably still think I should just get a pet bat! Everyone in the city has pet bats!

Fedrick: Yeah, and no one has fairies. Don't you think there might be a good reason for that?

Rebekah: No fighting or I'll let in some sunlight and turn on all the lights! Well fans, I hope that answers your questions. Our next guest will be a... er... well, another friend of mine.


  1. coughcough-Colette's name is spelled with one l-coughcough.
    Very interesting, and I hope you can keep those two under control, Bardmaid. You managed to make them sound like they normally get along, just not on the issue of pet fairies. Great. I might even like the two if I didn't have a prejudice against trolls and fairy-haters.

  2. So sorry Colette! Here, let me fix that...
    I'm glad you enjoyed the interview Wren. I like working with those characters, even if they do hate fairies! ;)