Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beritta Answers Your Questions

We had a couple people leave questions for Beritta a few weeks ago. Today Beritta has returned to answer these questions.

J-dawg asked:
How is playing pranks on people putting your talent to good use?

Beritta's Answer:
I just play pranks to pass the time. Most the time the elders have my friends and I running errands so we don't really use many of our abilities. I create pranks which help me practice old tricks and keep my senses sharp by thinking of new things to do with my talents.

Wren asked:
Beritta, have you ever thought of secretly disobeying the elders and doing good things with your talents? Starting some sort of young elf secret organization that's rebelling against the elders?

Beritta's Answer:
Well of course I've thought of it! I can see you've never trained under the elders or you wouldn't bother asking that! In their classes the elders push you so hard to learn all the basics and find your abilities. Then you get to what they call 'a higher level of training' and they have you doing nothing but errands for months. After a while every elf begins to wonder what the point is and why we ever listened to them in the first place. Some of us just do more about it than others.

Thanks for the questions readers! Feel free to continue this discussion in the comments box.
If you have other questions for Beritta please continue leaving them in the comments boxes of this post or the "Meet Beritta" post.


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  2. Very sorry to hear that. I hope you and this site work out your problems soon. ;)