Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quests 1 Preview

It's here folks, the preview for Quest 1. Click the link to view the preview, and please consider leaving some feedback for me on Createspace. Then come back to the blog and tell other readers what you thought.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Glibbin's interview; the preview kick-off

Rebekah: "Hello readers. I'm here with Glibbin the hobgoblin from Quests to kick off our first preview."

Glibbin:"Hi, people!"

Rebekah:"Glibbin is the only Quests character available on short notice."

Glibbin:"Hey, Miss Writer person?"

Rebekah:"Yes, Glibbin?"

Glibbin:"My name's really Glb-Glb-Glbin."

Rebekah:"I know, but you're the only one who can pronounce that, so we're just going to call you Glibbin, okay?"


Rebekah:"Glibbin plays an important part in Quests. Tell us about your part in the story Glibbin."

Glibbin;"Well...um... I met this elf who fell out of the sky. Then no one would play with me even the little animal with the big furry tail."

Rebekah:"Isn't that a squirrel?"

Glibbin:"I don't know! Then a the end of the book I met Bubble who can change into anything he wants. He's my new best friend."

Rebekah:"In short Glibbin is the comic relief in Quests."

Glibbin:"What? I am?"

Rebekah"Glibbin and I want to let you know that we'll be posting a preview for A Time of Training, book 1 in the Quests series, as soon as we get a little feedback on this blog from our readers."

Glibbin:"I can't wait for the preview! I've been so excited since you told me about it!"

Rebekah"Glibbin, I just told you about it an hour ago."

Glibbin:"You did? It seemed longer."

Rebekah:"Just so you know what to expect, I'll give you a little taste of what will be in the preview. I'll post a brief overview of the book with tiny snippets of story in throughout. Here's an example:"

The story begins when the Lords of Light and Darkness send new servants into Irowasa:

As instructed, Fate threaded the loom and wove the first threads together. It was as if her fingers had a mind of their own. First some dark colors…

In the back of her mind Fate heard the Lord of Darkness summon some of his servants. His voice boomed over them as he commanded, “Go and keep my power strong. If you are destructive enough you can make my power even stronger!”

Then he sent them into Irowasa like a thunderstorm. They went to live in the deep places of the earth where no light reached. These places were cold like their hearts and the heart of their master. Fate watched their coming on her loom. Now for some brighter colors…

The Lord of Light summoned His servants. He called forward the chosen ones in a soft voice that was no more than a whisper, speaking their secret names which only He knew. Then He blessed them and sent them into Irowasa. They entered the world like the coming of dawn, soft points of Light breaking on the world. They were sent to different places; shining lakes whose waters rippled softly in a breeze, a tangled forest stretching down from bright green mountains which shone like jewels, and a wooden farmhouse near a foamy river. All these designs Fate wove separately yet through them she got a glimpse of a bigger pattern. So began the servants’ quests, and also their stories.

Rebekah:"That's all for now. Glibbin and I hope to see you here on Irowasa again soon for the preview."

Glibbin"I can't wait! This is so exciting. I want to know more about the book!"

Rebekah"Uh... Glibbin, you're in the book. Oh yeah. I forgot. See you later folks!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've been informed that Quest is no longer competing in the Amazon contest. I wish all the quarterfinalist well, but my Irowasan friends tell me it's time for some re-writes. Most of Irowasa's inhabitance have chosen to support the ABNA quarterfinalists. If the readers of this blog like good fiction I recommend they check out amazon.com/abna and choose your favorite excerpts there. As for all of us here in Irowasa, we'll be busy reshaping our destinies by completing our quest of revising a story-line.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Irowasa

Hello friends and blog readers, and welcome to Irowasa, a fantasy world ruled by the Lord of Light and battled for by the Lord of Darkness and his servants. I, Rebekah Prudhomme, have been chosen by the inhabitance of this world to relate their stories to those who are willing to listen. I have worked with the servants of Light and Darkness to compile a few of their stories into a novel we've chosen to call QUESTS: A Time of Training. The first episode in this book won the National Writers Association Scholarship in 2008. At the request of my Irowasan friends I entered Quests in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) and I'm hoping to hear announcements on the quarterfinals sometime this week. I will use this blog to post updates on Quests and other Irowasan stories and perhaps to occasionally tell a short tale or two. Feel free to return, but be sure not to offend any of my Irowasan friends. Some of them have very long life spans and can hold a grudge for centuries! Make friends here, not enemies, but beware those who would lead you down the Dark paths...