Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warning: Beware of Crossroads

Someday I would like you all to walk with me on Irowasa but before that day comes I have to warn you about crossroads. The crossroads can be dangerous places where souls become trapped if people take too long deciding which branch of road they should travel.

Just the other day I came to a crossroads in one of my many journeys across Irowasa. Four roads branched out in front of me. From the road on the far left a beautiful haunting melody floated to my ears. I saw that the road in that direction slipped smoothly into a patch of woods. I headed down that fork. Hearing the music again I thought it must be made by elves and wondered if I would meet them. A little further on the road became rough.

Still, the music called me, so I stepped around the potholes filled with multicolored stinking slime and continued on my way. Then I came to a place where the road was overgrown with small thorny trees. Here I paused, but only for a moment. The music was stronger than ever and seemed to be coming from the other side of the tangled branches. I pushed my way through the tangled mass and would have continued if a group of fairies hadn't flown up and cried, "Turn back! You are following the call of a winged siren. Turn back before she leads you to your death!"

Just then I noticed a pile of bones and beyond them a feathery mass. I turned and crashed into the thorny mass even as the siren reached for me with her hooked black talons. I tore my way through the brambles which snatched at my clothes and scratched my skin. Once I broke free of the thorns I covered my ears so that the siren's song would no longer enchant me. I ran until I reached the crossroads once more. The time has come to choose a new road to travel. I will be more careful in my choosing from now on but I must not linger too long at a crossroads lest my soul become trapped by my indecision. Such is the dangerous nature of the crossroads.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Beritta

Rebekah: "Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce Beritta, the elf princess of Wilderlah. Beritta lives in the elves' capital city which is located on the hills between the Emerald and Saphire lakes. Beritta, please tell us a little bit about what it's like being an elvish princess and living in the lake city."

Beritta: "Well, there's always lots to see in the city. Through our help the land around the lakes is one of the most beautiful places on Irowasa. The real trick is finding things to do on the days when nothing exciting seems to be happening. My friend Lasa and I went swimming in the Saphire lake yesterday and sometimes I think of ways to make things... interesting."

Rebekah: "You mean like the pranks you played on the other elves?"

Beritta: "Well what would you have done? The elders make it seem like they expect so much of me, but when they're supposed to be sending me and Lasa on dangerous quests they make us run errands instead!"

Rebekah: "Since you brought them up, tell us a little bit about the elders."

Beritta: "What do you want to know about them? They're the oldest members of the city, which supposedly makes them the wisest. They hold classes every so often to teach young elves how to use their abilities right and work with nature. I used to go to their classes with my friends but then the ability tests the elders hold every few years proved I was ready to put my skills to use. The only problem is th at the elders won't let me use my abilities for anything worthwhile!"

Rebekah: "Did you ever consider that maybe they're still testing you?"

Beritta: "Of course I thought of it! But if that's really what they're doing they're wasting their time. I could do so much more for elves and other creatures of Light if only they'd give me the chance!"

Rebekah: "Do you know that the elders think you're reckless?"

Beritta: "If wanting to put my abilities to better use is recklessness, then fine, I'm reckless."

Rebekah: "You're quite the rebel."

Beritta: "I wish you'd stop saying things like that."

Rebekah: "Sorry. Is there anything else you'd like to say?"

Beritta: "I just want to say that no one should be jealous of me because I'm a princess. Being a princess is really HARD! Everyone expects so much from you. Also, don't let anyone, especially grown-ups hold you back."

Rebekah: "And on that note I think we'll wrap up here. See you all next time!"

I'd really like it if I could have my fans talk to the characters. If you have a question you'd like to ask Beritta, please leave it in the comments box below. In about a month or so I'll take a few of the questions and use them to create a fan interview.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April news update

First off, sorry for the delay. I've been somewhat busy these past few weeks. From now on I will try update this blog every other Wednesday, so stay tuned. In the meantime I have a few announcements.

I'd like to thank those who read the preview and gave me feedback and/or helped with edits. I would also like to thank the folks on Createspace for allowing me to use their preview feature. I like to hear from my readers, so this is a really great tool.

Check out an interview on writing with Rebekah Prudhomme at

Coming soon: Beritta, the elf princess from the kingdom of Wilderlah, has agreed to make an appearance on this blog! She should be coming this Wednesday, so check back after that to see what she has to say.

What would you like to see happen on this blog? I'm always open to feedback from fans, so please use the comments link below to share your own ideas for exiting new posts and activities.

That's all for today. Please remember to check back after Wednesday for a fun new post.

May the Lord of Light bless you on your own quests and in your life!