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Quests Prologue: The Sending

Well folks here is the prologue for the Quests series. A few things to keep in mind about the series:

The series begins with 3 sets of characters, elves, goblins & trolls and fairies. The episodes alternate between them at first until the stories come together.

For those of you familiar with the series please note that the names of many episodes, especially the first few have been changed and all episodes have been edited. Also the episodes involving the Brownie elves have been cut from the story, not because I don't like them but becuase I felt they detracted from the overall story arch. I may someday post a couple Brownie stories as bonus episodes.

Now please enjoy Quests!

Prologue:The Sending

All worlds are reflections of the kingdom of Light, Fate thought as she stood on a mountaintop in the land of the immortals examining her living loom which was made from tree roots. They reflect the kingdom similar to the way water reflects sunlight. As in water where reflections battle their shadows, so also Light wars with Darkness.

“The planet Irowasa is no exception,” she sighed as her eye fixed on a tangle near the bottom of the cloth.

The Dark Magicians had made such a mess with that ridiculous war they insisted on starting over the rights the use of magic should afford them. The result was a mesh of unruly threads which refused to cooperate with her. At least she had been able to weave the threads of enough good people together for a treaty to be signed. Now what was she to do with a sheet so terribly knotted near the bottom?

“It’s time to start over,” she decided. “After all this cloth chronicles a millennium already. It’s time to weave new people into this world.”

She nodded, pleased with idea and got out her scissors. The world would still have traces of those darker threads, the monsters introduced by the twisted minds of Dark wizards. That couldn’t be helped. She snipped the first thread, then the second. Fate knew that with every cut she made another servant returned to the kingdom of Light or Darkness, depending on which master he served. A few threads were not caught in the tangle, she would leave those. They would give her a place to start. Finished with her cutting, Fate put her scissors away and pulled out her threads, already picturing the patterns and colors she wanted to put into this beautiful new tapestry.

She was searching for just the right shade of blue to begin, when a brilliant white light dazzled her. A nearby pond, her porthole into Irowasa, became so bright it seemed to be an earthbound sun. A soft breeze brushed Fate’s face, and with this breeze came a voice. Fate knew at once that the voice belonged to the all powerful Lord of Light.

“What are you working on?” He asked.

“I’m starting a new project,” Fate replied.

He watched as she pulled out a few more colors, then seeing the new tapestry through her mind’s eye He added, “It’s a beautiful idea, but I doubt that design will get you very far.”

Fate paused in her work. The Lord of Light always knew best and she knew she should listen to His advice.

“What should I do?” she asked. “You gave me the task of weaving Irowasa’s destiny and it seems like time to start a new fabric. I don’t think I can pick up on the old one now.”

“I don’t want you to continue the old one,” He said. “You’re right. It is time to start a new cloth. If you’ll let Me, I can help you make a better design.”

“What sort of design would be best?” asked Fate, cocking her head in interest.

“Weave together the destinies of the new servants the Lord of Darkness will send into the world for his destructive purposes and the ones I must send to keep those demons in check. Give them the proper training to accomplish quests through which the destiny of Irowasa will be formed. The tapestry which will develop from their stories weaving in and out of each other will be a design more wonderful than you can imagine.”

“I do like the sound of that,” said Fate with a small smile. “Where should I start? It seems so complex.”

“Thread your loom,” He said. “It will come to you.”

The light faded and there was only the faint whisper in the wind to remind Fate that the Lord of Light was still present in everything around her. As instructed, she threaded the loom and wove the first threads together. It was as if her fingers had a mind of their own. First some dark colors…

In the back of her mind Fate heard the Lord of Darkness summon some of his servants. His voice boomed over them as he commanded, “Go and keep my power strong. If you are destructive enough you can make my power even stronger!”

Then he sent them into Irowasa like a thunderstorm. They went to live in the deep places of the earth where no light reached. These places were cold like their hearts and the heart of their master. Fate watched their coming on her loom. Now for some brighter colors…

The Lord of Light summoned His servants. He called forward the chosen ones in a soft voice that was no more than a whisper, speaking their secret names which only He knew. Then He blessed them and sent them into Irowasa. They entered the world like the coming of dawn, soft points of Light breaking on the world. They were sent to shining lakes whose waters rippled softly in a breeze and a tangled forest stretching down from bright green mountains which shone like jewels. These designs Fate wove separately yet through them she got a glimpse of a bigger pattern. So began the servants’ quests, and also their stories.

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  1. Rebekah!
    This is Tony Bonse from Brien's class at WCC. I just wanted to tell you I really liked this prologue! It was very captivating and exciting.I especially liked the dialogue between Fate and the Lord of Light. I loved how Fate questioned the Lord of Light, yet never out of disobedience.
    Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more!

    1. Hi Tony!
      I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the prologue. It's always good to have new readers, especially ones who leave feedback.I hope you find the upcoming episodes engaging as well.