Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Song of Nomenie

There is a legend on Irowasa which tells how the stars came to be in the sky. According to this legend a young fire spirit named Nomenie wondered the world, taking pity on those who lost their way in the darkness of the night. Nomenie is said to have taken to the sky where she became a guiding light for all travelers. Many fire spirits followed her example, filling the sky with the lights we now call stars. Nomenie herself became Irowasa's northern star. Children all over Irowasa know this story in much the same way children in our world know fairy tales. There is even an old folksong for the star, Nomenie. So, without further ado I give you the song of Nomenie!

The Song of Nomenie
There is Nomenie, the northern star.
She knows the secrets of the night
and can lead you on a safe path, even on a moonless night,
to the harbor of dawn's rays, out of darkness into light!
So I'll follow where she leads.
A fixed star shines true and can never go astray!

Just a side note, if you have any more questions for Beritta please scroll down and leave them in the comments of the 'Meet Beritta' post. Beritta will be coming back on the blog in a few weeks to answer questions from fans.


  1. Erm, you said "even on a moonless night"
    I know it rhymes, and maybe the Irowasa people just weren't really thinking when they made up the song, but if there are so many clouds that you can't see the moon, you won't be able to see Nomenie! (Well, during new moons you can, but still!)
    Just wanted to point that out. Interesting tale, though.

  2. I was taking creative liberties ok? Besides some Irowasans believe that Nomenie has the power to guide those who look to her even when the star is hidden.

  3. How poetic and enchanting! Nicely done.
    (I liked the part of the moonless night, it made it seem more powerful, despite what Wren thinks.)

  4. Thanks Colette, and welcome to Irowasa. XD