Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Irowasa

Hello friends and blog readers, and welcome to Irowasa, a fantasy world ruled by the Lord of Light and battled for by the Lord of Darkness and his servants. I, Rebekah Prudhomme, have been chosen by the inhabitance of this world to relate their stories to those who are willing to listen. I have worked with the servants of Light and Darkness to compile a few of their stories into a novel we've chosen to call QUESTS: A Time of Training. The first episode in this book won the National Writers Association Scholarship in 2008. At the request of my Irowasan friends I entered Quests in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) and I'm hoping to hear announcements on the quarterfinals sometime this week. I will use this blog to post updates on Quests and other Irowasan stories and perhaps to occasionally tell a short tale or two. Feel free to return, but be sure not to offend any of my Irowasan friends. Some of them have very long life spans and can hold a grudge for centuries! Make friends here, not enemies, but beware those who would lead you down the Dark paths...


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