Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fedrick & Felnar's Interview

Rebekah: Today we get a special treat. Two Dark creatures from an underground city beneath Emerald Mountains have agreed to do a double interview. Let me introduce Fedrick the goblin and Felnar the troll.

Fedrick & Felnar: Hi!

Rebekah: Fedrick and Felnar are best friends who appear in the series, Quests. They play a very important role in the story; introducing us to the main plot line. So tell us, what's it like living in an underground city?

Fedrick: It's nice underground. You know, cool and dark. You don't have the ugly sun blazing in your eyes and making you blind.

Felnar: Yeah, I hate the sun. It turns trolls to stone. I'm glad you're window's really small, though, so the sun can't touch me in this room. Hey, could you turn off that light? Fedrick's right, it hurts my eyes!

Rebekah: Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I forgot how much light bugs you.

Fedrick: That's better. I don't know how you can stand that!

Rebekah: So tell us a bit more about living in the underground city.

Felnar: It's really fun to explore. There are all this twisting tunnels that go deeper and deeper into the mountain. I met Fedrick one time when I was exploring.

Fedrick: She almost ran into me because she wasn't watching where she was going!

Felnar: Well I don't need to watch everything closely when I'm not hunting.

Rebekah: Okay, moving on. What are some hardships you face living underground?

Fedrick: Uninvited guests wandering into our tunnels. We had a humaviper (half snake monster) get lost in our city a little while ago. That was a disaster! Plus the dwarves keep trying to mine in the mountains. Every time they start digging they knock down a goblin city. I wish every dwarf in the world would just drop dead! The last time we attacked the dwarves the fairies got involved and ruined everything by...

Rebekah: Don't say too much about that. We want these people to read the book someday!

Fedrick: Just let me give them a little warning. Listen up everyone! Don't let the fairies fool you with their sweet looks, their pretty little wings and their pixie-dust. They're really nothing but meddling troublemakers! They just want to sneak into your life and mess everything up. That goes for other creature of Light as well.

Felnar: Yeah, like that stupid, quick little gnome. I really want to squash that gnome with my claws! Oh, but Fedrick, please don't kill all the fairies. You know I still want a pet one!

Fedrick: Will you stop whining about getting a pet fairy? I'm telling you, the thing will be more trouble than it's worth!

Rebekah: On that note I think we'll wrap up. Felnar, please don't scratch Fedrick! If you have to fight, wait until you get home. I really don't want you two to trash my room. Have a safe trip down the tunnel. Fans, if you have questions for Fedrick or Felnar please leave them in the comments box. We'll get them back in about a month to answer your questions, Lord help us!

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  1. I have two questions:
    Why do you guys hate fairies so much? I think your friend Bardmaid has a different idea about them!
    Also, do trolls and goblins live together?
    Just wondering, thanks!