Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quests Serial Novel, Coming Soon!

I must once again apologize for my extended silence and lack of updates this year. It took me a lot longer than I was hoping to pull my new writing projects together and decide which ones to give my attention. However, I'm finally ready to come out of the woodwork and make the big announcement about the wonderful new things you can expect to read from yours truly.

I think several of you enjoyed reading the Silver Sword Saga as I posted episodes here in a serial novel format for a little over a year. If you haven't read these stories yet you can find the collection for sale on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook or in this paperback edition. I really enjoyed the serial novel style of writing and have decided to continue to post stories to my blog in a serial format before releasing them for sale.

That brings me to my next bit of news: starting the end of May/beginning of June I will be serializing my Quests series and posting episodes to my blog every Wednesday. The Quests 1 prologue involving some Irowasan mythology which sets the scene for the series will be posted Wednesday, May 29 followed by the 1st episode June 5. If for whatever reason I run into delays in releasing an episode, I will announce so here along with a new estimated release date.

Now some of you may be thinking, "Okay, but the first book of Quest is already up for sale and I can just go buy it and read it." Well, it is true that I published book one a few years ago, but since the set up of the series practically begs to be serialized, I've decided to take the first book down, make some changes and re-release it via the blog before releasing the rest of the series. As of June 1st the old version of Quests 1 will no longer be available for sale, so if you desperately want to buy the old version, May 2013 is your last chance to do so!

Your next questions are probably, "What can I expect to see in the new version of Quests? What's going to be different about the serialized edition?" The answer is that you will see a much more streamlined story. There were far too many times in book one where I rambled or went off on long tangents. All of those places will be cut out, which I'll admit will mean that I'll be cutting whole episodes in places and dropping some fairly good material! :,( The bottom line, though, is that it will be a much stronger, tighter, more exciting story that sticks to its central plot. For those of you who don't know or forgot what that plot is, here's the summery from the back of book 1:

Training for quests seemed hard but the quest for Fairy Wood may prove even harder...

Beritta, princess of elves, longs for the adventure of a real quest until she and her friend, Faralasa, are sent to Fairy Wood to protect unicorns. Once there, they learn that some sinister force is at work, polluting the forest’s waterways. Meanwhile, in deep twisting caverns of an underground city Fedrick, a goblin boy, and Felnar, a troll girl, must convince a terrible snake monster named Serpina to become an ally before she kills all the creatures living under the mountain. When the dwarves are attacked by Serpina and the goblins, a fairy messenger named Lilac, and her friends give the dwarves a gift to protect them. Then, as the water in Fairy Wood mysteriously becomes poisoned, the fairies and elves join forces to fight the growing threat and protect the forest.

Join their Quests...

I would love to have lots of readers following this and all my serial novels, so please help me spread the word and return on May 29th to begin reading the Quests series!

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