Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stories For Sale!

This month I have some exciting news which I hope will interest you. I have decided to sell a number of my stories online for affordable prices. Those of you who have Kindle devices can download my stories from the Amazon Kindle Store. Below you will find the titles accompanied by a brief description of each story.

A couple quick notes: I have changed the name of Norin’s story to “Swan Warrior”. The full collection of “Silver Sword Saga” stories will be released some time next year (2012) after one last Silver Sword wielder’s story appears here. Also, I am planning a new series of stories, the details of which you will also find below. Also please check out my new author page on Amazon and let me know what you think of it.

Short Stories
Available from the Kindle for the prices listed here.

Legend of Nomenie - $0.99
Curiosity about the world causes a fire spirit named Nomenie to leave her volcanic home. When she accidentally begins burning everything in her path, Nomenie struggles to find a purpose besides destruction for her talents.

Swan Warrior (a 5 part story) – $0.99
After his clan is wiped out by a raiding party of Rovinien soldiers, a young warrior named Norin takes up the magical Silver Sword of Irowasa to defend the clans of the midlands from the warriors of Rovinien and slavers of Sardi as the two kingdoms battle for control of the land.

Fall of Sardi – $0.99
Emperor Destarus is well on his way to crushing enemy kingdoms and making the corrupt Sardi empire the most powerful in the world of Irowasa until a strange messenger comes from the mighty Lord of Light to place a terrible curse on the land of Sardi.

Quests Series

Book 1: A Time of Training

When a lost monster and an unusual gift lead to poisoned water in Fairy Wood, servants of Light and Darkness cut their training short to accomplish quests, some for revenge; others to protect the forest.

Book 2: Penumbra (coming soon!)

As the fairies and elves to struggle to drive the goblins and trolls out of the forest, their goals are threatened by Princess Beritta’s struggle with an inner darkness.

Watch for a preview of Quests 2: Penumbra in the next few months.

Check out the stories and happy reading!

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