Friday, December 5, 2014

A Writing Update (Finally...)

Hello Readers!

Sorry for the unexplained year long vacation from writing. I thought I should finally sit down and write a quick note to let you all know what is going on with my writing and plans for the coming year.

First of all, my new ideas are coming together really slowly which is part of why I have not posted anything recently. That said, in looking back over the blog and some of my old stories, I decided I would like to wrap up my Quests series once and for all. I'm actually really pleased with the serial version of Quests part 1 posted here on the blog. I already have a draft of part 2 waiting for edits after which it can appear on the blog as well. I'm still debating whether to write enough episodes to make it a 3 part series or just adding a couple episodes to the end of part 2 which would wrap up the plot. Either way I hope to post a new episode sometime in January. As I mentioned in a couple of last year's posts, I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to blog every week. This coming year you should expect to see 1 or 2 posts a month, most likely a new episode each month and an occasional additional post for news.

Another thing I recently decided is that when I re-publish Quests I'm going to sell the entire series as a single volume rather than breaking it into 2 or 3 books and the separate parts will not bear their own names. I apologize to those of you who already bought a copy of part 1. However, with all the changes I've made to the series, an updated version of part 1 will help make sense of the later parts, plus you will now be able to get all 2 or 3 parts for the price of one book! The series will also remain available on the blog for anyone who wishes to read it for free.

If you have not read Quests yet or if you wish to refresh your memory you can start with the series prologue here. After that just follow the link to episode 1 at the end of the post. You should be able to get through the entire series just by following the links at the end of each episode. Also, you'll notice I have changed the look of the blog slightly. It was just time for something new.

nb Check back in January for the new episode and until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

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