Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer News 2012

Hello readers!

I have some exciting news you might be interested in as you make your summer reading lists. Barnes and Noble recently set up a program allowing independent authors to publish and sell their e-books for Nook tablets! I set up an account with them over the weekend and made all my e-books which are already for sale on Kindle available for Nook as well. The prices I listed for Nook are the same as the prices I have for Kindle. You can view my e-books on the Barnes & Noble website by clicking on the story's name below. Please pass this information on to any of your fantasy loving friends who have Nook tablets.

The Fall of Sardi (short story)- $0.99

Legend of Nomenie (short story)- $0.99

Swan Warrior (5 part epic fantasy)- $0.99

Silver Sword Saga (short story collection)- $3.00

The Jericho Effect (young adult fantasy novel)- $5.00

Happy summer reading! -Rebekah

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