Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Next Year's Plans for the Blog

Hello readers! After my beautiful and wonderfully fun wedding I'm back to writing. I thought I'd drop a quick note to let you know my ideas for new writing projects so you'll know what to expect from me in the coming year.

First of all I am making paperback copies of The Jericho Effect available for $10.00 from and the Createspace e-store just in time for Christmas. This would make a perfect gift for any fantasy loving teen readers in your household. The book is also available from Kindle for $5.00. Consider downloading it if your teens have electronic readers.

I am working on a 2 part ending to the Silver Sword Saga. I will post both these episodes on different weeks in January. I plan to release the full collection of Silver Sword stories for sale in the spring. In the meantime you can catch up on past Silver Sword episodes by going to the post: Forging and following the links through the rest of the series.

This coming year I will be editing Quest 2: Penumbra, sequel to Quest: A Time of Training in hopes of being able to release the 2nd book over the summer. Click here to preview the prologue and opening episode of the new book and watch for more details.

Last, I have some new ideas on the horizon such as a new series of short stories for the blog once the Silver Sword Saga is finished. More on that after New Years. For now take care, happy reading and good luck with preparing for Christmas!

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