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Silver Sword Saga: Coronation of the Second Fairy Queen

This piece of the saga explains what happened to the Silver Sword after the end of the Magic War as well as a change in leadership which took place in Fairy Wood at the same time.

For back links to the rest of the Silver Sword Saga please refer to the post: Great Magic War.

Coronation of the Second Fairy Queen

Let the praise of God be on their lips and a two-edged sword in their hand, to deal out vengeance to the nations and punishment on all the peoples.
Psalm 149: 6-7

Elmonrona leaned against a narrow tree, pressing a hand to the scar on her right side between two of her ribs where the sorcerer, Drazil had wounded her had hunted him down with the last of his followers after the war. She stood panting for a minute as the pale spring sunlight filtered through the budding leaves of Fairy Wood’s canopy. Even the short walk from her hut to the dancing meadow often left her out of breath nowadays. The wound was like an eternal stitch in her side.

A small swarm of colorful, giggling pixies the size of dragonflies buzzed passed Elmonrona’s left ear. As they flew in the direction of the meadow, Elmonrona straightened, adjusted the position of the Silver Sword’s sheath on her sash and proceeded with slow steps.

The edges of the great meadow were crowded with fairies and elves of all shapes and sizes. Fine garments, pointed ears and every kind of fairy wing from feathered to insect-like were visible around the wide circle. Many smaller fairies such as pixies and the butterfly-winged flower fairies perched in the overhanging branches of the trees surrounding the clearing. The whole area buzzed with excited chatter and laughter. Pixie dust clogged the air, glittering in the sunlight and tickling the nose.

A sudden hush fell on the crowd as two tall fairy women in dresses of pale green, one with black hair the other silver, glided on huge gauzy wings over the heads of the gathered people and into the center of the meadow. As they landed and folded their wings, the regal women scanned the crowd with their intense blue eyes.

At last the silver haired woman spoke. “Citizens of Fairy Wood and distinguished guests, I have been honored to guide the fairy people as their queen for several centuries. Yet, with the recent shift in the balance of magic, my reign has come to an end. It is time for me to retire to the Kingdom of Light. I leave my people and this forest in the care of my daughter, Vale, a good and wise woman who will rule with justice in the coming centuries. As she is younger than I, she will be able to adjust to the changing times. Trust her judgment in all things.”

Turning to Vale the queen asked, “Do you swear in the name of the Lord of Light to uphold and enforce the just laws of the fairy people and of Light?”

“I swear it,” Vale answered.

“Will you guide and protect the fairy people as long as your reign shall last?”

“I will.”

“Will you always act as a willing vessel for the magic of Fairy Wood, distributing it according to the will of the Lord of Light?”

“I will,” said Vale.

The fairy queen nodded, removed a wreath of daisies from her own head and placed it on Vale’s. She then kissed Vale once on each cheek and said, “May the Lord of Light bless you with a long and fruitful reign.” Turning to the assembled fairies and elves she added in a louder voice, “Fairy people, I give you your new queen!”

Elmonrona joined in the cheers which rang out all around the meadow, her voice melding with a million others. The crowd surged forward to congratulate Vale and swear their loyalty to her. As the fairies welcomed their new queen, the form of the old one grew transparent. With a last wistful smile, the first queen of fairy wood vanished from Irowasa. Elmonrona watched her passing then sighed and joined a line of fairies and elves waiting their turn to speak with the new queen.

When at last she came face to face with Vale, Elmonrona bowed as low as her wound would allow and said, “I want to wish you a blessed reign, my old friend. I remain your loyal servant, as I was to your mother.”

“You are far more to me than a servant,” said Vale with a warm smile. “I have never had reason to question your loyalty.”

“I wish to return something that rightfully belongs under your care,” Elmonrona continued.
She undid the knot of her sash, slipped the Silver Sword and its sheath off it and handed it hilt first to Vale. The new queen took it, then met Elmonrona’s eyes with a look of shock.

“Are you resigning?” asked Vale.

“My wound makes me no good to you as a monster hunter,” Elmonrona replied. “Besides, defeating Drazil was the task for which I was entrusted with the sword and I have accomplished that. It is time for you to take guardianship of the Silver Sword. I know that whatever hero you choose to wield it next will be more than deserving of the honor.”
“But what will you do now?” Vale pressed.

“I will lead a quiet life here in Fairy Wood until you find me some task better suited to my more limited skill set.”

“Very well,” the queen agreed. “Enjoy your quiet life. You have more than earned it.”

Elmonrona bowed again and melted into the crowd.

Silver Sword Saga continued in Terrible Gift.

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