Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lilac Answers Your Questions

Rebekah: Hello again readers. Today I've brought back the flower fairy, Lilac, to answer a couple questions our readers had after her interview (see Lilac's Interview several posts down).

Wren asked: Lilac, other than being a messenger, don't you find that life as a fairy gets REALLY boring? Or, do fairies not get bored? Or, are your fairy parties just that much fun?

Lilac: Oh no! Life as a fairy is far from boring and it's not just because our parties are fun. The Lord of Light trusts us to keep the plants, animals and waterways in order. Our work brings about things as basic as the changing of the seasons. Maybe that sounds boring to you as a human but I'm always excited when a touch of my hand can turn leaves beautiful colors in fall, restore a wilted leaf or cause new growth. Sometimes even the little things can be exciting. As a fairy you feel yourself change with the seasons as well. Besides, my work brings beauty and life to the world. That makes everything we do worth the trouble.

Colette asked: Are all pixies like Reuben, or are some a little helpful?

Lilac: Well, of course some pixies are helpful. Even Reuben has his helpful moments. It's just that pixies in general tend to act like a bunch of naughty little kids! It seems like their favorite thing to do is make trouble.

Rebekah: Thanks for the questions readers! If you have anything to add or would like to ask Lilac any other questions please leave them in the comments.

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